Europa Europa

Upcomming performances: Hamburg 21+22 of August at Kampnagel festival (external link) and Tilburg 19+20 of September at Incubate festival (external link).

The art group FUL presents EUROPA EUROPA – An anti-nationalist cabaret in unique collaboration with The Knife

Why do we build walls against heroes?

With cakes, exclusively produced cabaret music by The Knife, voguing, love and admiration, the cabaret Europa Europa praises all those hundreds of thousands of people who defy the cameras, the deadly waters, the barbed wire, the violence and the compact political resistance, and make it across the external and internal borders of Europe every year. Borders that are growing more monitored with every day that passes.

For many years now, the media and the public debate have concentrated on discussing migration and migrants in terms of volumes, difficulties and costs for non-migrants. Europa Europa does the exact opposite. We want to praise these people and criticize those who are truly criminal, i.e. border patrols, Frontex and the governments of the EU, who constantly pose a threat to the life and safety of these heroes.

Europa Europa premieres on the 1st of July in Almedalen, Gotland, during the political week of the election year. Performances will be given on outdoor stages in various cities throughout Sweden up until the election, free of charge for all visitors. The cabaret Europa Europa is part of a movement that exists both within activism and academia, where individuals are trying to expose the human rights violations that are committed by Sweden and the EU every day. The European migration and asylum policies enable these violations. Kabarén Europa Europa är en del av en rörelse som finns på aktivistisk och akademisk nivå, där människor försöker att belysa de brott mot mänskliga rättigheter som Sverige och EU begår varje dag genom den gemensamma asyl- och migrationspolitik.

– – We need change today. The politicians must stop looking the other way and start making the connections between their own decisions and priorities and the people that never survive the trip across the Mediterranean, says Nasim Aghili, director and writer of the cabaret.


On stage: Bahareh Razekh Ahmadi, Ellen Nyman, Karin Dreijer, Kudzai Chimbaira, Maya Hald, Olof Dreijer och Rani Nair.

House band of Europa Europa: The Knife.

Writer and director: Nasim Aghili.

För alla namn vi inte får använda

För alla gränser vi överlevt.
För alla rädslor vi trotsat
Kalla mig hjälte!
Kalla oss hjältar!


Musik: The Knife. Text: Nasim Aghilim. Sång: Bahareh Razekh Ahmadi, Ellen Nyman, Karin Dreijer, Kudzai Chimbaira, Maya Hald, Rani Nair Musikvideo av: Roxy Farhat


1st of July 2014: Almedalen, Visby (Premiere)

15th of August 2014: Gothenburg

Kungstorget, kl 20.45. More info. (External link)

16th of August 2014: Malmö

Gustavscenen, kl 18.00. More info. (External link)

23rd of August 2014: Tensta, Stockholm

Outside Tensta konsthall, kl. 16:00. More info. (External link)

24th of August 2014: Botkyrka, Stockholm

Hallundavägen 30 (outside Riksteatern), 19.00. In collaboration with Botkyrka kommun and Stoff.

30th and 31st of August 2014: Vitabergsparken, Stockholm (Parkteatern/Kulturhuset Stadsteatern)

Vitabergsparken, 20.30. More info. (External link)

14th of September 2014: Södra teatern, Stockholm

Södra teatern, 19.00. Book here.

21st of Mars 2015: Theaterzaal, Gent, Belgium

Theaterzaal, 21.00. Obs: ticket needed! Book here.

21st and 22nd of August 2015: Kampnagel festival, Hamburg, Germany.

More info (external link).

19th and 20th of September 2015: Incubate Festival, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

More info (external link).

Fort Europa

Today, it’s basically impossible for people without a European passport to get into the EU legally. The possibilities of getting a visa are close to non-existent for individuals suspected of having reasons to seek asylum. Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan and Iraq are some examples of war-torn countries where the citizens don’t stand a chance to get a visa, not even for visiting the union. This is why they are forced to try more dangerous roads to get into Europe. Even though it’s a human right to seek asylum, the EU is refusing to grant these people the right and those who try nonetheless are considered criminal and illegal. When in truth, it’s the member countries that are criminal, the legislation that is illegal.

The consequences of the shared European asylum and migration politics that the member countries have developed during the last decades are brutal. Since the mid-nineties, human rights organizations have documented 17,306 deaths that occurred en route to Europe or were caused by migration-political actions. The EU conducts mass deportations to life-threatening places, keeps hundreds of thousands of innocent people in detention centers, splits up families, creates rightlessness and forces people to inhumane waiting on decisions that may never be made.


– Right now there’s a situation in Italy, with 95 people involved. They are migrants from North Africa. When the tragedy with the 350 people who died outside Lampedusa (...)

Deaths at the borders of Europe

UNITED has documented deaths at the European borders since the middle of the nineties up until 2012 and Detective has documented deaths from 2000 to 2013. (...)

Program / noter / kampskrift (PDF)

Do you need help?

Asylum seekers and undocumented migrants can turn to the networks Ingen Människa Är Illegal (external link) or Ain’t I a woman (external link) for legal advice or other kind of support.

Behöver du hjälp?

Som asylsökande eller papperslös kan du vända dig till exempelvis Ingen Människa Är Illegal (extern länk) eller Ain’t I a Woman (extern länk) för juridisk rådgivning eller annat stöd.

Do you want to get involved?

Contact Ingen Människa Är Illegal (external link) or Ain’t I a woman (extern link).

About us

The cabaret Europa Europa is the result of a collaboration between the art group Ful and the house band The

On stage: Bahareh Razekh Ahmadi, actress, performance artist and singer, Ellen Nyman, actress and artist, Karin Dreijer, musician, Kudzai Chimbaira, actress, Maya Hald, performance artist, Olof Dreijer, musician, and Rani Nair, dancer and choreographer.

Writer and director: Nasim Aghili

Scenography: Roxy Farhat

Costume: Mårten Andreasson

Light design: Josefin Hinders

Sound design: Malin Holgersson and Nathaly von Salsa

Textual dramaturge: Malin Axelsson from ung scen/öst

Graphical design: Parasto Backman och Bergen


Ful is an art group consisting of artists from different fields, such as performing arts, illustration, dance, visual arts, music, sound art, literature, graphic design and web-based art and culture communication. (...)

The Knife

The Knife is a Swedish band that was founded in 1999. It consists of the siblings Olof and Karin Dreijer (...)

About the performers

– The migration politics of Sweden and the entire western world is the greatest shame of our time. (...)

Booking and media

For bookings, contact Joanna Ekström at

For interviews and press questions contact

  • Press picture of Nasim Aghili, director and writer: download. © photographer Saga Berlin.
  • Press picture with the ensemble: download. From the left, back line: Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer. From the left, front line: Ellen Nyman, Bahareh Razekh Ahmadi, Kudzai Chimbaira and Rani Nair. © photographer Saga Berlin.
  • Album cover, Europa Europa and The Knife, "För alla namn vi inte får använda": download.

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